Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Days; 6-30-10

Last week was the summer solstice; the "longest" day of the year. Personally, I've had days that seemed much longer; felt like it, anyway. This morning my back is still complaining about yesterday's assortment of activities; crawling around on the ground, climbing ladders, etc. Half-century vertebrae seem as much like an assembly of disgruntled employees as they do a column of bones. Whatever.

There is no darkness now, at least not in the usual sense. The sun will hide for a few hours below the northern horizon, but it's barely out of sight and continues to illuminate the landscape. It will be another month before we have any semblance of "night".

King salmon fishing has begun. I will not be involved; busy with other things, but much of the village is focused on harvesting the run. Fewer fish than normal so far, but looks to improve.

A large run of "dog salmon" (summer chum) is expected, in excess of 1-2 million fish. I will try to catch and dry a few hundred of these, to be used for winter dog feed. That means I need to prepare my fish rack and mentally gear up for war. Everything from bacteria to bears will attempt to spoil  the fruits of my hard labor. Last year a black bear and a grizzly were particularly annoying.

Grass and weeds, flourishing in the continual light, need to be cut.

The garden needs more attention.

My firewood supply (or lack of) calls out to me all summer long. But this year I have a "secret weapon" to unleash upon the stubborn logs. Pics will come when it happens.

And the flowers are lovely. Numerous wildflowers are blooming; wild rose, dandelions and a host of others, and our imported petunias, pansies and violas are stunning.

sure beats this...

So enough dawdling. Time get this unruly backbone in line.

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